KSKM 267 and Peace Maker 46

Hey guys,
Got some more chapters for you today. A day late, because public holidays throw off your sense of time sometimes. Who knew that today was Tuesday? Well, I knew, but I didn’t realise that yesterday was Monday until this afternoon and went “Oh shit, I forgot to do the release!”. Well, maybe it’s a bit late, but two awesome chapters from awesome mangas for you guys to enjoy.

Go grab the chapters now! You won’t want to miss Peace Maker, things are getting interesting right before the end of the volume.

KSKM 267: DDL Read Online
Peace Maker 46: DDL Read Online


  1. kay Reply

    AMAZING! Mutou about to fight canΒ΄t wait to the next chapter great job πŸ˜€

  2. anon Reply

    Thanks again for the releases. I really appreciate your efforts!

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