KSKM 269 and Capeta v17 part 4

Hey guys,
More chapters today! Got one more of both Karate and Capeta for you all. Got some great action occurring in Karate with the Mutou fight. We’ve got a new poll for everyone to vote in now, so go place your vote! For Capeta we’ve got the last chapter of Volume 17 and a funny little omake at the end.

KSKM 269: DDL Read Online
Capeta v17 part 4: DDL Read Online
Capeta v17: DDL


  1. Ink Reply

    Fantastic job and another great Capeta release. It’s good to see that y’all are still working on this series. Thanks again and keep being awesome!

  2. Mr2tony Reply

    Great chapter on kskm are we going to see Mutou back story on training?

  3. Jason Reply

    Love your releases guys, but I think you might have gotten the page order mixed up in KSKM!

  4. Nolrach Reply

    Hey guys, thanks for the hardwork !
    But I gotta say something feels weird with this chapter…
    Are you sure the pages are in the right order?

  5. cmertb Reply

    The page order was messed up in the public raws, among many other problems — this volume was very unlucky with its scanner. We fixed what we could, but we couldn’t figure out the rest. If it really bothers you, buy a paper volume 25 and tell us what the page order should be (also scan missing pages if any).

    • kyuubi654 Reply

      Yes, volume 25 was a unlucky bastard. Multiple versions of the same messed up volume (one with pages leveled on and off and one with all the pages leveled equally but lost details in the grays/patterns), pages out of order (you might not have caught that on the past chaps cause we somehow worked it out) and finally a bad feeling that there’s a page missing here and there… Now add the usual process of translating, cleaning, typesetting and checking everything *sigh*. Here’s to a better run on volume 26 🙂 Also, from what we checked, such occurrences do not repeat themselves in later volumes.

      • Nolrach Reply

        Ho okay. I tried to rearrange the chapter myself for it to make more sense. No way to be sure that’s the right order though. In case anyone’s interested:
        The original p176-177 became p177-178,
        p178 –> p184;
        p179-180 –> p182-183
        p182 –> p180
        p183 –> p179
        p184 –> p176

        • Nolrach Reply

          Hmm actually I made a tiny mistake I think so if I’m not mistaking this time around, the right order should be:
          the original p176-177 –> p177-178;
          p178 –> 184;
          p179-180 –> p182-183;
          p181 –> p179;
          p182 –> p181;
          p183 –> p180;
          p184 –> p176;

        • cmertb Reply

          We won’t do any v2’s unless the page order is confirmed with a paper copy.

          • Nolrach

            Don’t worry, I wasn’t asking for a v2, I know you have enough work as it is :p
            I just wanted to share what I think is the right order :p

  6. bububu Reply

    Never noticed that when I did read the raw lol, sometimes it “helps” not knowing japanese… 😀

    Thanks guys for your hard work.

  7. Shuuya Gouenji Reply

    You guys are awesome!!!Capetaaaaaaa!Please keep releasing its chapters at a quick pace!

  8. Pocong Reply

    Is it bad that I’m kind of rooting for Gerald Lopman to win? He overcame the adversity of physical therapy, he’s got two awesome nicknames (Fist of the Devil and The Right Hand of God!) and he looks like a Blaxploitation Incredible Hulk! I just find him significantly more interesting than Mutou despite only having a little exposure to him.

  9. Phat008 Reply

    Thank you for all your hard work in making it possible for this Capeta release. Take care:)

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