KSKM 271

Hey guys,
Another new chapter of Karate this week. Apologies for the delays, our group is fairly busy with outside life at the moment, especially our cleaner who has been moving house. So expect a few more delays, but as always we’ll try our best to get out releases for you guys. Obviously we want to read them as well!

KSKM 271: DDL Read Online


  1. Pocong Reply

    Thanks for putting out another issue of Karate! Don’t worry about all the real life stuff, everyone here understands! (I hope.) With that said, GO LOPMAN!

  2. Sofia Reply

    Thanks so much! Anyone with a real life of their own understands delays happen, and I’m certainly grateful at the regularity of releases.

    Happy house moving, kyuubi654!

  3. xanon Reply

    Thanks for the chapter! Hey man, real life has to take precedence. No worries, we understand.

  4. Osmar Reply

    Thank you so much! As readers have said, we understand, and we really appreciate the effort you put to bring the chapters. Keep the good work!

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