KSKM 277, Montage 34 and Peace Maker 49

Hey all,
it’s a new week so we’re bringing you some more of your favorite stuff to read (only to end up realizing that you actually want more but at the same time that we’re only willing to give you this little). This week around it’s a triple pack so it’s quite a change of pace compared to our recent release speed (leave us some pleasing comments and we’ll try and keep it up ^^) and seeing how i’m not up to date on our own releases anymore i also can’t provide you with any sort of insight into what you’re about to read… so just let yourselves be surprised by these awesome and original manga works brought to you by your favorite deadbeats. That’s about all i guess. Enjoy! Over and out.

KSKM 277: DDL Read Online
Montage 34: DDL Read Online
Peace Maker 49: DDL Read Online


  1. StarSight Reply

    Thank you very much for this release! I’m always looking forward to my next KSKM chapter! I’m actually French, but I’ve been following your work for some time, so please keep up the good work 😉

  2. michael Reply

    Thanks you so much for the the new release dead beat scans keep up the good work. I cant wait for the next chapter in peacemaker! KUDOS DB-SCANS

  3. jokersan4 Reply

    Thanks a lot for the chapters! But page 1 and page 13 for KSKM 277 seem to be the same?

    • cmertb Reply

      We’ll fix it one day… Simply ignore that “page 1”, it shouldn’t be there. The other 18 pages are correct and in proper order.

      • crazy_horse Reply

        Oh… Dammit man, I forgot to delete that page. Alright, the Mediafire link is fixed.

  4. Okami Reply

    Thanks for your hard work.
    Had been waiting for KSKM’s update, love the manga and I’m glad you keep giving it to us fans.

  5. leonearmato Reply

    Sorry for double posting, but I read the application request at the end of Montage chapter and I really like to help you out in typesetting. I’ll post on the forum tomorrow.

  6. Sofia Reply

    Thank you for KSKM! New end of chapter quote too I see, do we need to send more threats??

    • crazy_horse Reply

      We actually had a bunch of quotes chosen, we just forgot we had them.

  7. HikaruYami Reply

    Holy shit, I just picked up and caught up to Peace Maker…. This is _crazy_ and _awesome_. I hope you guys never drop this thing <3 <3 <3

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