KSKM 281

Hey guys,
More Karate this week, unfortunately no Montage. The fighting is heating up, as Hamada prepares to unleash his secret chili punch!
Find out how the sparring goes in this chapter.

KSKM 281: DDL Read Online


  1. Pocong Reply

    Thanks for keeping up on this series! I appreciate all the work that you guys put in to keep up with these translations and I’m sure everyone else here also appreciates it!

    In unrelated news, here are a few fun facts about our buddy Samart:

    Did you know that Samart is actually mixed race? He’s Thai on his father’s side and Uruk-Hai on his moms.
    Samart is a big fan of old school Hip-Hop but is physically incapable of hearing country music.
    Samart is anti-ticklish, people who attempt to tickle him lose the ability to feel tickling themselves.
    People who stare at Samart Sirinto for too long report feelings of nausea and depression that can persist for up to two weeks after meeting him.
    Samart Sirinto is a virgin and intends to remain celibate until his death. He has stated that he “is meant to end lives, not produce them.”
    If you say Samart’s name three times in front of a mirror while spinning one pregnant woman within thirty miles of your house will miscarry.
    In Thailand SIDS is also known as “Sirinto Syndrome”.
    The infant mortality rate of every country Samart visits rises by 2% for the duration of his stay.
    Samart has never smiled and is in fact unable to process the word “happiness”.

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