KSKM 289

Hey guys,
Another great chapter of Karate for you guys this week. Not much to say about this one other than go grab it now! This fight is getting exciting, and I can’t wait for next volume (still one more chapter left in this volume).

KSKM 289: DDL Read Online


  1. zero Reply

    Damnn, it was just a theory of mine before this chapter, but could it be that Samart was affected by Ibuki’s brother’s death?

  2. GrayFox Reply

    You guys are the fucking best.

    I love this manga, can’t wait for next chapter. Dat tension.

  3. lolman Reply

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

    Ah, an info: The Montage volume 19 is the final volume. It will be released in the next Spring.

    • crazy_horse Reply

      Sorry for the delayed response, lolman. Thank you for the information, but might I ask for a link or a source? We can’t seem to find any relevant information on this other than yours. It’s not that we don’t trust your intel, if I remember correctly, you also informed us about Capeta ending and you were right. We just want to see confirmation.

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