KSKM 291 and 2015

Hey guys,
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015, and to kick things off, we’ve got the start of a new volume of Karate and the continuation of the Hamada vs Samart fight.
As always at the end/start of the year, I tend to sum up how we did the last year. Overall, we completed the following number of chapters:
53 chapters of Karate
21 chapters of Montage
11 chapters of Wanitokagegisu
9 chapters of Peace Maker
5 chapters of Capeta
5 chapters of Himizu (concluding the manga)
and 1 Rookies Oneshot

It’s perhaps not as impressive as some years of the past, but if you look at the numbers, we released about 2 chapters a week. It’s not a bad effort for a small group like ours, especially when you factor in that most of the members of our group have jobs and all that. Overall for 2015, we’re hoping that we’ll be able to do better and get a few of our mangas back on track. If any of you guys are Japanese-English translators and interested in a awesome racing manga in Capeta, please hit us up as we’d love to see more Capeta.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the chapter, and lets have a great 2015.

KSKM 291: DDL Read Online


  1. Jackson Reply

    Thank you for all of your hard work in 2014 and happy new year! Looking forward to your releases and wishing all of you well!

  2. Larry Reply

    Guys, great job on this. I know you are hurting for feedback or at least some positive resonance and you deserve it. This masterpiece manga is masterfully scanlated by your team.

  3. Pocong Reply

    For Real, You guys are Great! Thanks for putting Karate out for all us folks here in nations that don’t read Japanese!

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