KSKM 296 and translator things

Hey guys,
Unfortunately our translator for Karate, Ookame has stepped down. He’s been in Japan, and wants to enjoy the remainder of his time there and get out and see the country. So good luck to Ookame, and hopefully we may see him back here in the future. Stepping in is our ever faithful translator Cmertb, who is picking up Karate again. Cmertb recently passed his JLPT test, and thanks everyone who showed him support!

cmertb: Yes, everyone who wished me luck, thank you! I passed JLPT N1 by the skin of my teeth, so clearly luck was a factor. 🙂

KSKM 296: DDL Read Online


  1. nckeo Reply

    Thank you Ookame for sticking with us bunch of ravenous wolves! Enjoy you time in Japan. And welcome Cmertb!

  2. darckchild Reply

    Thank you for your great work Ookame. Wish you a good time in Nippon.
    And welcome back Cmertb!

  3. xanon Reply

    Indeed, thank you Ookame for all you’ve done. Now run off and enjoy yourself!

    Cmertb, congrats on passing the JLPT exam! Welcome back!

  4. Sofia Reply

    Thanks for your hard work Ookame and have fun seeing Japan. And thank you Cmertb for stepping up, congrats on passing JLPT N1!

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