KSKM 303 and Capeta v19 part 1

Hey guys,
Got some new chapters for you all today. More Karate this week, unsure whats going to happen with it over the next few weeks as the translator is going on holiday to Japan! Lucky guy! But never fear, if you need something to check out in the meantime, Capeta is revving up and we’re in the middle of an amazing race.
Go grab both chapters now!

KSKM 303: DDL Read Online
Capeta v19 p1: DDL Read Online


  1. Dave Reply

    My favourite kind of update, KSKM AND Capeta! Thanks, you guys!

    Ask the translator to buy the remaining KSKM and Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari volumes. 😀

  2. can Reply

    Thanks a ton 🙂 Was looking forward to this release, keep up the good work guys!

  3. Christian Reply

    Thanks a lot for the translation, please keep the good stuff going

  4. fryest Reply

    Thank you for your continued work on KSKM, it is very much appreciated.

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