KSKM 304 and Capeta v19 p3

Hey all,
We got the next new chapter of Karate for you while cmertb, the translator, is on vacation in Japan. We snuck it past him since he’s too busy enjoying himself! We’ve also got another new chapter of Capeta for everyone. We really hope you’re enjoying Capeta, because we sure are!

KSKM 304: DDL Read Online
Capeta v19 p3: DDL Read Online


  1. lolman Reply

    Capetaaaaaaaaaaaaaa & Karate!!! Thank you guys!!
    I hope you have a great vacation, cmertb! Japan huh *envy* xD

  2. Dave Reply

    KSKM and Capeta, I love it! Hopefully cmertb won’t hurt you guys too much when he gets back.

  3. kennelfm Reply

    lol Capeta was so fast!
    Thank you for your hard work guys!!!

  4. hans Reply

    Just checking out of habit and what did i find? More chaps! thanks!

  5. LuluHime Reply

    Whaaah, Capeta is just awesome!
    Thanks so much for the chapter!

  6. NEERAJ Reply

    Thanks for capeta ! please upload the next chap please ! There are 37 volumes and I tried to understand whatever i could by looking at the pictures of raw manga and it is absolutely awesome !

  7. Agito Reply

    Thank you for the translations! I can’t wait for KSKM 🙂

  8. Phat008 Reply

    Thank you for continuing the releases of capeta! Take care and keep up the awesome work:)

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