KSKM 305

Hey all,
It’s been a while, but we’re back with more Karate action! Over the next few releases we’re also going to put forth polls on each of the 4 fights that take place in the first round of the Genesis tournament. Vote for who you think is going to win in each one! (Remember you can check this page for reference.)

cmertb edit: To celebrate the return of my tls, and to take a break from the sweaty and brutish karate MMA action, here’s a dose of cute this morning. It’s from a morning drama called “Ama-chan” which was a huge hit in Japan a few years ago.

Be sure to check our music video subbing side biz: http://ameagarisubs.tumblr.com/ We may even take requests, if you have an awesome Japanese music video you want subbed, send it in and we’ll take a look.

Karate 305: DDL Read Online


  1. fryest Reply

    Thank you for the KSKM chapter. Your continued support of the series is greatly appreciated.

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