KSKM 307 and Capeta v20p2

Hi all,
Another week, another release. We’ve got more chapters of Karate and Capeta for you all to enjoy. I’ve also closed off the previous poll, and started the next Genesis round poll. We’ll update these every few releases so we finish them all off in time for the fights to begin. Then we’ll truly see who has chosen right! So get your pick in now (If you’ve forgotten the contestants, checkout chapter 305).

Karate 307: DDL Read Online
Capeta v20 p2: DDL Read Online


  1. Phat008 Reply

    Thank you for continuing the releases of capeta! Take care and keep up the awesome work:)

  2. Addya Reply

    U guys I love u all thnk u so much for capeta pls keep doing this love the speed 🙂

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