KSKM 308 and Peace Maker 57

Hi all,
We’ve got new chapters of Karate and Peace Maker for you all today. We see the end of volume 29 for Karate, and the (probably obvious from last chapter) revelation about the founder of Kabaragi-ryu. Make sure you get in your vote on the matchups for Genesis, the current poll will close next release.
For Peace Maker we take a step in Hyman Elptons shoes after losing the duel and his country. Check out the latest chapter to find out what happens.

Karate 308: DDL Read Online
Karate v29: DDL
Peace Maker 57: DDL Read Online


  1. Mr2tony Reply

    Two great mangas! Thanks for continuing your hard work, guys!

  2. alfred Reply

    You guys rule big time! Two chapters of KSKM in one week! I know it must’ve been hard as shit to do, so I really wanted to thank you for that.

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