KSKM 312 and Peace Maker 58

Hey all,
New chapter of Karate today, and with that the Genesis 3 poll closes. Now the final poll in the round of 8 is up, choose your fighter!
We’ve also got a new chapter of Peace Maker that is very very late (my fault!), enjoy the new chapter, gonna be an interesting next one!

Karate 312: DDL Read Online
Peace Maker 58: DDL Read Online


  1. meow Reply

    After so many chapters, I had given up the thought of seeing that person again… (Peace Maker)
    Peace Maker continues to rock. Can’t wait for more.

  2. David Reply

    Awesome, thanks for both peace maker and karate!

    Looks like both series have completed the filler arcs and are moving into the real action.

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