KSKM 314

Hi all,
Yeah, it’s been a while again! Said that last time. This time, we’ve got our asses into gear a bit. Hopefully we’ll see some more regular chapters soon. For now, enjoy the latest chapter of Karate.

Karate 314: DDL Read Online


  1. krishan bishnoi Reply

    when are you going to post capeta its been a couple of months already since the last chapter ! I know you need translators and i am thankful for the work you’re doing but please can you hurry up a bit i am desperate !

    • someone2040 Post authorReply

      Capeta translator is busy at the moment and has some fixes he needs to make to his translation. Not much we can do about it.

    • cmertb Reply

      And you aren’t desperate either. If you were desperate, you would have learned Japanese by now. Easy on the drama please.

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