KSKM 327

Hi All,
So if you haven’t already guessed, we’re trying to get these out almost daily! That’s right, almost a chapter of Karate for every day of the week. That’s the plan, we’ll see how well we can keep to it. Make sure to keep up the comments and conversation about our releases, it really motivates us to get stuff out.

Karate 327: DDL Read Online


  1. kolsyrade Reply

    Daily KSKM?!?
    What have we done to deserve this luxury?
    Well, I can only say thanks, so…

  2. Cabral Reply

    Very good job! Thank you very much!
    I have to say, I thought the former captain would win here. It seems the match is lost already…

  3. TolEressea Reply

    This is amazing… Best first week of a new year by far. Lots of good chapters 🙂

    Keep it up!!

  4. Dude Reply

    I love this series guys, thank you so much for translating all those chapters : D

  5. Kalyan Reply

    A Chapter everyday!!! :O OMG!!! 😀 😀 Damn,This is the best news this year!!! 😀 A simple thanks won’t suffice to repay this awesomeness!! 😀 I bow down my head to you, Dead-beat scans!! B| 😀

  6. darckchild Reply

    Another chapter?! This feels like Christmas, Eastern and Birthday on the same day! Thanks alot!

  7. Red Haired Shanks Reply

    Thanks a lot dudes!! Minami is one of my all time favourite manga characters. It’s a bliss watching him do his thing everyday.

  8. AceHuertas Reply

    Daily !!! OH MY GOD ! is this real life ? is this much happiness even possible ?

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