KSKM 331 and Montage 58

The week of releases continues. Today we have another two chapters for you: the usual Karate you all want and love and Montage. The fight continues in Karate (as well as the bleeding), while Montage wraps up volume 6 in a cliffhanger, with our protagonists in dire peril.

KSKM 331: DDL | Read Online

Montage 58: DDL | Read Online

Montage v06: DDL


      • Lucone Reply

        Yeah, mediafire.
        Now it’s working, but I SWEAR it didn’t work, before….


  1. Croyle Reply

    Long time reader here since chapter 52, just wanted to thank you for ur work and i appriciate so much what u have done for this mange, keep up with the good work. These daily releases have been probably the best thing that has happened for this manga.

  2. darckchild Reply

    As i have promised i sacrifice my soul to you all! Do you want it in slices or at once? 🙂 Nevermind, thanks for your awesome work!

  3. prophet Reply

    Just want to say thanks,… thanks for your continuing work on releasing translations on these.

  4. Daeva Reply

    –It’s going to be a serie of boring comments, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! again XD

  5. AceHuertas Reply

    Loved this Karate chapter ! Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you guys for that 🙂

  6. Polite Penguin Reply

    RIP in peaces Minami :’)
    Really good job guys, scanlating faster than Minoru’s mawshis !

  7. red haired shanks Reply

    I hope that Minami will pull off a last minute knee on the jaw and smoke the mongol.

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