KSKM 334

Hi all,
Another week, and we’ve got more Karate lined up for you. Since the fight has ended, we’ve got the next fight and an interlude before Minoru’s fight begins. Make sure you get your votes in on the winner of Minoru vs Tabuse, as the poll will end soon!

KSKM 334: DDL Read Online


  1. nckeo Reply

    Be honest, Minoru is in bad shape due to partially underestimating his previous opponent Ojima (which remarked by others as nothing special). This will depend whether or not, he can recover his abuse thighs in time to fight Tabusa and depending how much damage Tabusa took in his fight.

    • Guilherme Reply

      It seems like the wrestler took very little damage. Which again will make for a hard fight for Minoru. Now, it seems like the final might be Minoru vs Minami, right? That’d awesome!

  2. Aessen Reply

    Thanks guys ! You work so hard, you give your all for us to enjoy this awesome series… seriously, thanks a lot !

  3. Kalyan Reply

    Another Chapter!! πŸ˜€ hoping this would be another awesome week!! πŸ˜€

  4. Heath Reply

    I don’t know how you guys manage to keep it up like this, but is higly appreciated! In mangafox you climbed more than 20 positions in the ranking and all the way into the top 80! That means you gained 100.000 monthly views ever since you started with the daily releases! Considering this seems to be, at least in my opinion, the weakest arc in the manga so far, such an increase in the ratings is amazing! Hope you can keep it up! And thank you so much!

  5. Syrk Reply

    Great start of the week again. Time to enjoy your chapter! Thanks again for your work!

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