KSKM 337 and Capeta v21 p2

Hey all,
We’ve got the start of the fight! The epic battle between Kohinata Minoru and Tabuse Jun begins now! And on the flipside of things, we’ve got the end of Capeta’s race as we release another chapter of the later part of the Capeta series. Go grab both these hot chapters now!

KSKM 337: DDL Read Online
Capeta v21 p2: DDL Read Online


  1. codetaku Reply

    Capeta! I appreciate the KSKM chapters as well but Capeta is just so awesome~

  2. fryest Reply

    Holy cow, ya’ll are on a tear. Thank you so much for all of the excellent KSKM chapters.

  3. Shashank Garg Reply

    Thanks.. Awesome Capeta Chapter!!!
    Waiting for the next one eagerly!!!
    A great admirer of your work…

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