KSKM 343 and Capeta v7 p4

It’s Friday again, another week of daily releases ends. Today we have for you not one, but two chapters. The usual suspect, Karate and the final part/chapter of volume 7 for Capeta. Enjoy the chapters and see you on Monday.

KSKM: DDL | Read Online

Capeta v7 p4: DDL | Read Online

Capeta v7: DDL


  1. Enzoos Reply

    Hey guys, thank you so much for those great and fast releases!!!

    Love this manga!!! 🙂

  2. darckchild Reply

    Wow, what a tension. Now i have to wait till monday. Many many thanks for your enormous effort! I love this Manga.

  3. Syrk Reply

    Thank you a lot guys, great chapter! And Capeta… Another Capeta release, I’m so glad! Best end of the month!

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