KSKM 346

Hey fellas,
So right off the back of a late night work call, here I am delivering this chapter to you guys. Enjoy, for it’s the conclusion of the fight between these two fighters. Karate vs Wrestling, read on to find out who won out in the end!

KSKM 346: DDL Read Online


  1. Bresakar Reply

    You’re the best!! Thank you so much for your much appreciated work efforts!

  2. Daeva Reply

    THANK YOU! (your releases are so fast and fullfilling that I don’t know what to say anymore XD It’s awesome!)

    BTW, Tabuse/Minoru is the match that I enjoyed the most this whole time– Really cool!

  3. Syrk Reply

    Great chapter! Finally, the fight’s over, but I liked it. Thanks for your work, team!

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