KSKM 347

Hey guys,
So the last poll was closed, and we saw what the people predicted of the last fight. Seems that most people were pretty accurate here πŸ™‚ . No huge surprise though I suppose, the main character is generally has to make it fairly far into the tournament this far into the manga πŸ™‚ Now we get to see what is going to occur in Minami’s fight coming up.

KSKM 347: DDL Read Online


  1. Bresakar Reply

    Thank you very much, deadbeat scans! You have an incredible reliablitiy and speed.

  2. darckchild Reply

    I’m greatly indebted to you guys. I love this manga and you make it possible to enjoy it everyday. So many thanks to you all!

  3. Heath Reply

    Wow at this rate, one would think that the Genesis tournament is filled with even stronger fighters than your regular K.O.S. tournament. Thank you for the great job!

  4. Syrk Reply

    Tabuse got back to his careless looks and finally Miniami vs Daichi fight… I want to see a Minoru vs Minami! Go Minami! And thanks guys for the release, great quality as always!

  5. bububu Reply

    he is “kaburagi’s” secret weapon… πŸ˜€
    Thanks again for your hard work.

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