KSKM 348

And like that, another productive week of releases ends. Today we’ve got for you another Karate chapter and it’s an interesting one at that. It’s the official start of Minami’s fight (with a twist) and we find out a little more about Daichi’s motivation to fight. For now, grab the chapter and we’ll be back on Monday.

KSKM 348: DDL | Read Online


  1. Syrk Reply

    I end my KSKM week with a “WTF” written all over my face, although I expected worse XD C’mon, Minami! And thank you again for the release, DB team, interesting chapter indeed! Have a good weekend!

  2. darckchild Reply

    It’s weekend again. That means 5 chapters again! Thank you so much deadbeat!

  3. Heath Reply

    Now that was a chapter full of plot twists. Can’t wait for next week! You guys are amazing!

  4. Kolsyrade Reply

    Always nice to read a new chapter. Thanks.
    BTW. Not that it particularly concerns this chapter, but kudos for getting the karate and martial art terms (almost always) correct through the series. Both in usage and translation from kanji (and when leaving it in japanese instead of translating a term into english)

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