KSKM 355

Hey guys,
So yesterdays post was a bit rushed. After taking the evening off from doing anything, reading a good book while watching tv, I had to suddenly rush out the release. Well, the astute of you noticed that the Credits page had changed! Yep, that’s right, new credits page. Put in your thanks to Kyuubi654 for his work on it, it looks pretty good!

KSKM 355: DDL Read Online


  1. White-Fox Reply

    Thank you for the chapter. Wow, you’re releasing so many chapters so fast!

  2. ShokoushiJyaNaI Reply

    Who are the girls at the credits page? Aside from, *the koudan kaikan girl for the life of me i can’t remember her name* i don’t recognize the other two, nor have do i remember seeing those poses. Is it fanart? or from the manga?

    • crazy_horse Reply

      The one on the left is Michelle Izumi, the one in the middle is Nana, the one on the right is Nozomi. They look somewhat different because they’re from chapter covers from later on in the series and the author drastically changed his art.

  3. bububu Reply

    Thanks to Kyuubi and the band! 😀
    The art from th credit page is somewhat… weird?!

    • crazy_horse Reply

      Everything from the credits page is in the manga. If it does look weird, it may be because the mangaka changes the art style quite a bit later on.

      • bububu Reply

        well, I’m looking forward to it: I like it when most of the characters have the same face. it’s fun in its own way! 😀

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