KSKM 357

Hey all,
So now we’re seeing the outcome of the mosquito strategy. All looks good for our leader Minami, but we’ve got a twist at the end of the chapter. Read on to find out!

KSKM 357: DDL Read Online


  1. SADBOY Reply

    Thanks for the chapter mate. Greetings from Brazil. And why the heck didn’t he went to some doctor yet? Jesus, Minami you are retarded.

    • nckeo Reply

      Concur, he should get surgery on that sooner or later, doing high kick with that would hurt like hell! Even normal thing like taking shit would have been very painful.

  2. darckchild Reply

    I guess the rope hit from his last fight left some damage behind.
    Nozomi should lend a hand 🙂

  3. alfred Reply

    I think this tournament definitely decides whether Minami’s got any future as a fighter or not. If he’s got a good enough performance, that could help Kaburagi get more students and eventually Minami’s exit from the ramen shop to being a proper instructor, but we’ll have to see. Still if he wants to have a shot at being a pro, he SHOULD just get his hemos treated!

    Thanks DBS so much for the new chapters!

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