KSKM 358

Late release today, because I was held up at work for a little longer. Sorry about that. Well, whatever, today’s chapter is a good one, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Now, another thing I want to address: I realize commenting for every release of the week can be tedious, but if you post on at least 2 release posts every week, it would mean the world for us, because you show us you care about the series.

That being said, grab the chapter and see you next week.

KSKM 358: DDL | Read Online


  1. Nic Reply

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying those daily releases. You want my input? Here it is, I love what you guys are doing! Thank you!

  2. ChiChi Reply

    Nice! Thank you so much..! Im afraid the time will come that you’ll not be able to release daily since you have spoiled us already! Keep up the great work!

  3. Tkdtiger Reply

    This shit was hilarious, keep up the GREAT work, this is the first time I’ve got my hopes of seeing this manga through!

  4. haruharhar Reply

    Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha I love my ass in this one!!! You guys are the best! Totally made my day! Thanks guys =DDDDDDDD

  5. agry Reply

    Another week of KSKM releases, another good week! Thanks for your hard work, thanks a lot.

  6. Alex Reply

    Thank you so much! Congratulations on doing a great job! Keep going ’cause we will keep reading!

  7. qtmonster Reply

    Nice work, guys! I really want Minami to shine in this match but Daichi seems to have one more ace up his sleeve.

  8. Mister Miyagi Reply

    Hell yeah! You guys are awesome! I love that you’ve been working so hard to get a chapter out every day over the past couple weeks. Truly remarkable. You work so fast, and the fans appreciate it. Keep it up!

  9. アルフレド Reply

    I do care! This is probably one of my top 5 series of the last 10 years! Thanks for your hard work!! XD

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