KSKM 360

Hey guys,
So we’re getting towards the end of the fight. Who will come out on top, Minami or Daichi? Will your prediction in the poll come true, only a short time to wait until we see the results!

KSKM 360: DDL Read Online


  1. Ser3n Reply

    Thank you guys for another chapter^^
    Btw, I have yet to see the poll for the MinamixDaichi fight. It still appears the Tabuse Jun fight for me…

    • cmertb Reply

      We had it up for a while, but took it down once we started releasing the Minami vs Daichi chapters.

  2. Alex Reply

    this is very exciting! who will reach to the final? loving this manga and Deadbeat-Scans! you guys rock! thank you for my daily manga fix!

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