KSKM 363

Hey, readers, it’s time for the latest chapter of KSKM. As I promised yesterday, today’s chapter sees the end of the fight between Minami and Daichi and also the end of the volume.

Unfortunately, this means it’s the perfect opportunity to take a short break, which is exactly what we’re going to do, since the translator, cmertb, is going on a vacation and the rest of us need it too. There may be no releases next week or there may be one early Capeta, who knows. I guess we’ll see what happens next week. If not, see you on March 7th.

KSKM 363: DDL Read Online


  1. RunningWild Reply

    It was a fantastic fight, you guys deserve a break after the amount of chapters pumped out the last 2 months. Take a breather and chill. I look forward to the final.

  2. Kalyan Reply

    That was Epic!! 😀 You guys deserve a Break! Come back with the same enthusiasm.Thanks a lot for all these chapters!

  3. alfred Reply

    You guys are amazing! Thanks as always for your hard work and have a blast! Be sure to get lots of rest and fun!

  4. bububu Reply

    Please enjoy your break, you deserve it!
    Thanks again for your hard work! 😀

  5. Ser3n Reply

    thank you very much guys! great work until now^^ have a great vacation, you deserve it! will see you guys again on more KSKM =)

  6. Dave Reply

    I’m looking forward to some Capeta, but you guys need to milk this break for all that it’s worth. Thanks for the hard work for the past months!

  7. BRESAKAR Reply

    Thank you very much for all your efforts, you guys! You did a great job in those past weeks! Have a great vacation time!

  8. THE FRYEST Reply

    Thank you for your continued support of KSKM, and the fantastic, high quality daily releases you were doing. I truly appreciate it.

  9. shizz Reply

    I’m not gonna lie next week is gonna suck, but you guys deserve a break! Appreciate the hard work you guys been putting in the last few months.

  10. Pares-__ Reply

    wow thanks for the spriint its been nice the rreoutine to find a new chapter every day, on working days makes life more enjoyable. have a good rest

  11. Alex Reply

    well deserved and earned vacations! great job! thanks again for all your effort!

  12. Dropout 88 Reply

    If there are any kind of people who deserve a break, it’s you guys! Really appreciate the hard work and we hope to see the same kind of dedication after the break!!

  13. AceHuertas Reply

    Thanks guys ! that’s a well deserved vacation right there ! You made so many people happy. Thanks again !

  14. TolEressea Reply

    Have a nice break guys, you’re doing an amazing job and deserves this vacations!

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