KSKM 370

Hey guys,
We’re up to chapter 370 now. With only 130 chapters left, we’re edging ever closer to only 100 chapters remaining. For now, lets just keep on plodding along and get out the daily releases, and we’ll be at 100 left in no time!

KSKM 370: DDL Read Online


  1. Bresakar Reply

    You guys’ll be to the end in no time if xou keep up this pace of releases! Thank you very much for your tremendous work!!

  2. Heath Reply

    Wow, and it seems like only yesterday that I picked up this manga, back at the Okinawa arc.

    You guys are amazing. Any chance you’ll pick up the second part after this?

  3. agry Reply

    Wait, Minami is NOT a demon? He’s currently scary as hell, being read like an open book…

  4. Kalyan Reply

    Wow.I can’t believe it.Keep up the daily releases and you’ll have created a miracle soon Deadbeat scans!

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