KSKM 377

And the fight continues, but for how long? Will Minoru be able to do something or not? Will he be able to actually deal damage to his senpai? Find out the answer to all these questions… in this chapter.

We also have another parallel page today, thanks to MrP, so watch out for that if you want to find out more about the real life counterpart of Gerard Bertrand.

KSKM 377: DDL | Read Online


Just for the hell of it, here’s a video. This will be the first and last random video ever linked.



  1. cmertb Reply

    With this new format, I think I’ll be posting the cheesy J-POP I like when I get the opportunity… Even if you don’t want me to keep doing it.

    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      You can always hijack the posts. Or I will stop doing this, because I realize it’s stupid.

  2. TheVan Reply

    After making Minami look like a bad ass, Minoru has to lose here… And don’t they dare to put some miracle comeback with a hemorrhoid trick or something ridiculous !

    • Cabral Reply

      Second that. But it seems like there’s no comeback for minoru. Rather i think they’ll use it as the fight they realized minoru is a genius capable of fighting Thai champions.

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