KSKM 380

Hey guys,
And I’m back from my business trip/holiday. Phew that was a lot of travelling. From one side of the world and back in less than a week, and then an Easter holiday with some friends. But now I’m back, hmm… where were we? Looks like the aftermath of the fight as well as a new Karate Parallels, enjoy!

KSKM 380: DDL Read Online


  1. Heath Reply

    Gotta love Hamada. Quite possibly my favourite character. Also that fanservice cover page o.o

  2. Gene Reply

    I don’t know why but this chapter really made me reflect on the series. Thanks!

  3. agry Reply

    Welcome back. Thanks for the chapter and… well… nooooo~ Hamada. The hair. ;_;

  4. Pocong Reply

    I’m gonna miss NSYNC Hamada, but I guess business Hamada is okay too.

  5. Mister Miyagi Reply

    As a working professional, I have to say, THANK YOU for all of the time and dedication you and your team put into your manga projects.

  6. Alex w Reply

    great stuff! I feel a bit hangover after the exciting tournament! Hamada just became a fan favorite! thank you so much!

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