KSKM 381

Hey guys,
Last chapter of volume 37 today. We look a little into the future, and where the next volume is going to take us. Tomorrow, the start of volume 38!

KSKM 381: DDL Read Online


  1. Heath Reply

    Gosh, this is getting too exciting. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapter. Thank you so much!

  2. Gene Reply

    I am absolutely floored at the rate you’re going through volumes now. This is blowing my mind.

  3. Pocong Reply

    Thanks again for putting these out!

    When you’re about to move into the future it helps to look back on where you’ve been. I came into this story expecting it to be about old-school Karate proving it’s relevant in the modern day. I figured we’d get some entertaining my-technique-is-stronger style fights between Karate and other popular martial arts and for a while villains like Morisawa and Pedro bore that out. Somewhere along the line though, something changed.

    We started getting a deeper look at striking and the way it’s mechanics worked. Enemies stopped being defined solely by their style and became more complex people with increasingly complex motivations. Fights started being won with strategy rather than with magic techniques. More then anything, the scope of the story began to sharpen into something more interesting. Something I want to follow to the end.

    A sharper story requires a more defined antagonist. A person, or in this case people, with abilities that equal the hero while contrasting them. It doesn’t need to be a case of good versus evil, it can be something as simple as fighting for finance rather than honor. Or favoring an egalitarian camp to the respectful hierarchy of a dojo. Or perhaps seeing one’s art as a means to an end rather than an end.

    I suspected it when Samart and Skandalaki appeared but these latest chapters have confirmed it for me. This story isn’t about an art fighting against the passage of time, it’s about perhaps the oldest ongoing rivalry in all of Martial Arts. It’s about Karate trying to match Muay Thai.

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