KSKM 382

Hi guys,
Long day, so lets cut things short! New chapter for all you guys, and you’ll be in crazy_horse’s capable hands for the Friday release and bid you all good night 🙂

KSKM 382: DDL Read Online


  1. RumpleDStiltz Reply

    You guys truly are amazing! Thank you so much for the releases!

  2. codetaku Reply

    Thanks for keeping up the releases!

    Wow, this chapter was really good. You can tell it’s a seinen manga when serious events like this that the audience sees coming can be even more entrancing than both the fights and the plot twists, hahah.

  3. meow Reply

    Does Kaburagi really say that it’s time to come back to this country?
    I can’t get it to make sense with the sentence after…
    He has nothing more to teach Minami, so he’s going to come back… to japan… where he already is?

    • cmertb Reply

      Kaburagi is not in Japan. Kaburagi is dead. Mai Penrai is in Japan.

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