KSKM 387 and Capeta v21 part 3

Hi guys,
So the polls off to a good start, with the peoples favourite blonde taking a lead. Some of the others need some love though, like Akiko and Rika currently in last place. Get your votes in people, surely you all love a good maid outfit!
Additionally we’ve got some new Capeta for you. Along the same theme, this chapter has some babes as well. Just a little bit of filler before we head into the next race which should be a good ‘un.

cmertb: I am not happy with these poll results. What do you all have against meganekkos?

KSKM 387: DDL Read Online
Capeta v21 p3: DDL Read Online


  1. codetaku Reply

    Also, there were like additional references in there for Kinnikuman. Niku may be emphasized in the word itself, but they were talking about Heroes, and Kinnikuman is a famous choujin, who also has Niku written on the forehead of his mask.

  2. Dave Reply

    Two great chapters! As always, many thanks for the awesome work, everyone!

  3. Joah Reply

    I hope to see more kapeta episode soon, it’s killing us to wait so long guys

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