KSKM 388

And here we are at the end of the week with Karate 388, on the 8th of April. I wouldn’t have mentioned the date if it wasn’t my birthday, so gonna keep it short.

Today’s chapter gives us Takahashi’s reason to accepting an almost impossible fight and a sneak peak at what these Thais are up to. I swear, that “trainer” has to have the most punch-able face in the history of manga.

KSKM 388: DDL | Read Online


Released in 1968, this song was so ahead of its times. Thought by many to be one of the origins of metal in general and speed metal in particular and was covered by many great bands and authors later on.


  1. Gene Reply

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the hard work and hope you have a good day

  2. Bresakar Reply

    Happy Birthday! Thank you very much for this chapter and the work you and deadbeat-scans are putting into scanlating KSKM!

  3. Vorch Reply

    Happy Birthday! It’s insane that you care enough about us to work on your bday…

    Thanks so much!

  4. Heath Reply

    Very happy birthday and thanks for your hard work! Gosh, why so few Akiko fans?

  5. LouM Reply

    Hapy Birthday also will there be capeta sometime soon or after weeks/months and thanks for KSKM

    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      We just released one chapter. We really don’t know at the moment. If there will be one in the near future, it will be from an early volume.

  6. Jackson Reply

    Happy belated birthday, hope you had a great one and thanks for all of the hard work!

  7. enzos Reply

    Thank you so much for the great releases! So fast and good quality, just perfect!!! šŸ™‚

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