KSKM 389

Hi guys,
So sorry about the unannounced week off. Usually we try and give you guys a heads up when we’re going to take a break, but this time it was decided fairly late that we weren’t going to be ready for last weeks releases. Sometimes real life gets ahead of one of us, and we need a breather as a group to let that person catch up. So we’re still dead keen on churning out as much Karate as possible! But sometimes, there’ll be some gaps. Enough rambling, more Karating!

KSKM 389: DDL Read Online


  1. Tony Reply

    Man the way you guys are pumping these chapters out, you could take a month off and we’d have no right to complain. People really appreciate the effort. Thanks a lot.

  2. Dropout 88 Reply

    No worries, keep up the good work! We realle appreciate it and nicely put by Tony.

  3. Alex w Reply

    Thank you as usual, good work! no worries for the week off, man, you totally deserve a break every now and then without telling anyone, back to Karating! Osu

  4. Heath Reply

    You totally deserve your break. It’s amazing how hard you’re working and how many people you are making happy. I mean there are hundreds of thousands following your releases, honestly. Thank you so much!

  5. codetaku Reply

    You’ve been releasing like crazy recently! No harm in a break 🙂

  6. tae kwon yung man Reply

    apology accepted, you’ll are doing the lords work, of course we still love you

  7. darckchild Reply

    No problem at all guys. It’s your right to take a break whenever you need it.
    Enough said. Thank you for this awesome chapter!

  8. Mister Miyagi Reply

    Thank you, DeadBeat-Scans! We sincerely appreciate the hard work you put into all of your projects, especially the volunteering you do on these time-consuming translations/scanlations. I wish you the very best.

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