KSKM 391 and Peace Maker 63

Hey guys,
2 chapter release in the middle of the week. That’s right, not only your daily dose of Karate but we’ve got some Peace Maker action as well. Enjoy both the chapters guys, and be sure to thank the staff who work on these chapters.

KSKM 391: DDL Read Online
Peace Maker 63: DDL Read Online


  1. Heath Reply

    God, about time that guy started to do some serious training. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Vorch Reply

    Yo, can I make a suggestion?

    First of all, THANK SO MUCH for the current pace! It’s really astounding!

    However, you guys obviously need breaks; you’re human after all (right?)

    Anyway, I’m new here so pardon me if this has already been suggested, but why don’t you just go one week on/one week off?

    • crazy_horse Reply

      Well, we do get breaks when things get a little over our head. We just had an unannounced break last week because something came up after Friday’s release.
      We may just have to do that in the future, but we hope we’ll be able to keep up the pace for now. We’re so close, we want to finish the series this year. Maybe. Probably. Who knows?

  3. Alex w Reply

    thank you so much!!! Skandalaki and those abs! he actually put on some training..

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