KSKM 392

Hey guys,
We’ve got another MrP presents today. Specially about our Frenchman Gianna Skandalaki who made his re-appearance in last chapter. Also a bit of a look into the next fight where another Japanese Takahashi is going to be taking on the monster Singhsak Sor Kingriver. Gonna be a great fight coming up folks, with the “special menu” sure to lead to an extra spicy fight.

KSKM 392: DDL Read Online


  1. Bresakar Reply

    Thank you very much!! I like this background information and I love the work you guys do!

  2. Alex w Reply

    thanks again! man that Thai fighter smoking before the match.. thats badasss and dumb also, haha

  3. darckchild Reply

    Thank you. The background intel ist very informative. I like that!

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