KSKM 393

It’s time for the final chapter of the week and the setup for the next fight. This Singhsak fellow seems to be quite the character and I’m really curious to see how the fight will go. But anyway, today’s chapter is a blast and I never expected Takahashi to wear… that. To an official, very important fight, no less.

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This song probably works perfectly for Takahashi, considering his past. Just replace “car” with “bike” and there you go.


  1. Alex Reply

    Thanks for chapter. I was listening to this song when I came to get the chapter, nice coincidence!

    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      Yes he was. remember in chapter 282, when Minoru went to ask Takahashi to spar with him? That was a really funny chapter, give it one more read.

  2. bububu Reply

    Thanks for karate. I’m afraid Takahashi will meet a tragic end…
    Have a nice weekend. 😀

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