KSKM 394

Hi guys,
It’s the start of the week (even if it’s a public holiday for me and doesn’t feel like it!) and that means more Karate. We’ve got the beginning of the fight, and looks like Takahashi is off to a good start, but will he be able to keep it up? We’ve also got a new parallel today for Samart. This isn’t by MrP, but by Pocong who gave us very detailed descriptions of both Samart and Singhsak (Singhsak will be done in a later chapter). Give him a shout of thanks in the comments below.

KSKM 394: DDL Read Online


  1. Gene Reply

    Thank you for the work! I really like the parallels because it makes the series seem more realistic and not completely out of fiction

  2. darckchild Reply

    You’re reliable as a swiss watch! Thank you and also thank you for the parallels!

  3. Pocong Reply

    Thanks for translating these in such a timely manner guys! You’re probably the most reliable translation group I’ve seen on the internets. Also, I’m glad that my knowledge of semi-obscure kickboxers finally came in handy for something. Hope you don’t mind my less than professional style of writing. If I do this again I’ll try and match Mr.P’s cleaner and more objective style.

  4. Lucone Reply

    @someone2040: Seems you are Italian, like me!

    Thanks for your hard efforts!!!

    • crazy_horse Reply

      I don’t know how soon he’ll see your comment and reply, but not quite. Maybe you two share the same holiday? By the way, what holiday was it for you?

    • someone2040 Post authorReply

      Haha, no. Not Italian. Australian. Yesterday was Anzac day for us Aussies.

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