KSKM 400

Hi guys,
So we’ve finally reached 400 chapters. Woohoo! First chapter of the 40th volume, only 100 more chapters remain in the series. We’ve pumped out a huge number of release this year. In fact, over 75! Chapter 300 was released March 19th last year, and our first release of this year was chapter 324. So an astounding effort by our team, already tripling the number of Karate releases we did last year.

KSKM 400: DDL Read Online


  1. agry Reply

    Having 5 chapters per week is just so good. And congratulations for keeping up that fast pace, ridiculous speed.

  2. darckchild Reply

    400 Chapters by now. 75 Chapters already this year is a amazing feat. You can be very proud of yourself.
    All hail deadbeat-scans!

  3. RumpleDStiltz Reply

    I can’t believe we’re already 400 chapters in. You guys are crazy awesome! Thanks!

  4. kfighter Reply

    great work guys! im so happy we reached 400 already!

  5. Alex Reply

    The big 4! Thank you for all the effort to produce 5 chapters per week. I really hope you can keep it up!

  6. qtmonster Reply

    Indeed, what a fabulous job you guys have done. We totally appreciate it!

  7. bububu Reply

    Congratulations for the 400th chapter!
    Thank you again for your awesome work! 😀

  8. THE FRYEST Reply

    400 DEEP! Thanks for your continued support of this series!

  9. Miboru Reply

    You guys are awesome! Great joint effort to make this possible! I’m starting to think you guys work so well someone2040 has nothing to quality check! 🙂
    Thank you!

  10. blastheartLL Reply

    Wow there’s only 100 chapters left in this series? how does it end so fast? Thanks for your hard work!!

  11. Dropout 88 Reply

    Thank you guys for the hard work! It really is amazing what you’re doing. I mean 5 chapters a week, you gotta love it!!

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