KSKM 401

More Karate for you today, guys. Only 99 chapters left until the end, so we’ll keep it up for as long as we’re able. I tell you, that Hamada sure knows how to get what he wants, doesn’t he? Grab the chapter below and enjoy.

KSKM 401: DDL | Read Online


  1. agry Reply

    Thanks for the capter, 99 more to go… can’t imagine a week without those releases, really looking forward for what might come in the future from you guys.

  2. darckchild Reply

    That would be 20 weeks going on with this constant pace.
    It’s kind of sad to know that. But here’s a big THANK YOU from me!

  3. tae kwon yung man Reply

    99 more chapters? the manga ends after that or weekly realease?

    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      KSKM ends with chapter 500. There’s another series that continues after that with two minor characters (both literally and figuratively) and minimal to none presence from other more important characters in KSKM.

      • Jonathan Reply

        That other series that goes on with these 2 characters, will you guys cover it?

        • crazy_horse Post authorReply

          Well, let’s try not to cross the river until we get to it. We’ll see when we finish this one.

  4. AceHuertas Reply

    Thank so much guys ! You’ll never be thanked enough !

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