KSKM 403

Things are moving forward, on a variety of levels. If there are still any Minoru haters around, next week’s chapters might make them reconsider at least the intensity of the hate directed towards him. But for now, enjoy the current chapter and adios.

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  1. Gene Reply

    I really hope Minoru doesn’t do anything too stupid…thank you for your effort though!

  2. qtmonster Reply

    Curious development in this chapter. Thanks again for the great work!

  3. svines85 Reply

    “Minoru haters”? Really? How in the world does that even work?

    Sorry, I’m just catching up on this……I think I’m about 30 chapters or so still out from being caught up…..so yeah, I’m pointedly not looking at any conversation/comments, well, just to not get spoilered of course 😀 ……..but yeah, seriously, Minoru haters? How the heck could they have even come to feel that way? O_o

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter by the way 🙂

  4. darckchild Reply

    Minoru haters? Why so?
    But anyway. Thanks for the chapter.

  5. crazy_horse Post authorReply

    @svines85 and @darkchild: Yeah, for some reason, there are a few of those. Not on our website, but forums and discussions over the internet.

  6. Alex Reply

    There is no reason to hate on Minoru.

    On another subject, it’s less than 100 chapters to the end and Minoru is nowhere near any of his goals. Plus we haven’t seen Mutou for soooo long. I’m curious about what will happen in the future.

  7. il_cala Reply

    Is it possible to reupload it? I can’t download this chapter from mediafire. It seems that on mediafire the upload become unstable.
    Thank you for all.

    • cmertb Reply

      The DDL works for me. Can you try again? Maybe it was a temp glitch.

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