KSKM 411 and Peace Maker 64

Hey guys,
So we’ve got a chapter from one of our other mangas today, Peace Maker! We know the projects that don’t have Karate in their name have been on the backburner a bit, but we do manage to get some out on occasion. Enjoy todays chapters.

KSKM 411: DDL Read Online
Peace Maker 64: DDL Read Online


  1. Nivoh Reply

    Heya guys, thanks a lot!
    Just wondering, from which langage are you translating peace maker? I know there are french publications and if you are translating from there, I could help.
    My mail is nivohq@gmail.com

    Thanks again!

  2. Heath Reply

    Thanks guys!

    There’s one problem with the “read online” link for Karate. I think it’s redirecting me to this same page over and over. Could you check it out? Thank you!

  3. darckchild Reply

    As always i’m so happy to read a fresh chapter 5 days a week. I think no group is capable to pull off something like that.

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