KSKM 414

Hi guys,
We’re back and with some news. So obviously, we haven’t been releasing much lately. It’s been a busy time for us in the group. So unfortunately we have decided for now, to change our release schedule to 2 releases per week. We hope in future, perhaps we can go back to a more speedier schedule, but until then, you’ll have to enjoy Karate at a slower release schedule.
So we’ll try our best with the new schedule, but could be more breaks coming up as I’ll be on a business trip for over a week at teh start of July.

KSKM 414: DDL Read Online


  1. cranon Reply

    Thanks, guys.
    There’s really no need to be justifying anything.You’ve been doing an AWESOME work, with so many daily releases. Keep up the good work!

  2. Heath Reply

    Don’t worry guys. You worked so hard and took the series so far, just take your time and rest easy. You’re about to finish it anyways.

  3. agry Reply

    Welcome back and keep it slowly and steady, enjoy the weather, take a breather.

  4. imissray Reply

    2x a week is still amazing. I appreciate your commitment to this series, so thank you for all your hard work!

  5. Felipe Reply

    Thank you for the chapter!! A breather once in a while it’s ok. 2x a week it’s good for me. Enough to keep my karate addiction under control hahaha!

  6. Niklas Reply

    Thanks so much for your hard work, 2 times a week is more than we could ever ask for! 😀

  7. アルフレド Reply

    Man, what are you talking about? Since I don’t know about radicals, readings, compounds, etc., do you have any idea how long it’d take me to read even a single chapter with the help of a japanese -> english dictionary? Believe me, I’ve tried! You have no idea how thankful I am for what you guys do. And yet here you are apologizing! You’re way too kind!
    *makes a 90° vow*
    Thank you for your hard work!

  8. Dropout 88 Reply

    No worries guys! We appreciate all the hard work you have been doing up until now. Besides 2 chapters a week is still phenomenal! Thank you for everything!

  9. darckchild Reply

    Hi guys. Finally you’re back. I really really missed you.
    On one hand it’s sad to hear that the output will be reduced, but on the other hand you did a amazing job up until now despite your personal life issues. So your decision is absolute understandable.

  10. Alex Reply

    Yeah new chapter! Thanks a lot guys! No need to feel bad about slowing down. 2 chapters/Week is a really good pace. Hopefully you guys in the future will be less busy and able to get back to the previous schedule.

  11. Pocong Reply

    Hey guys, your personal lives come first. Don’t worry about all of us here, we’re just glad to be getting these translated at all! Speaking of, thanks for giving us a new release!

  12. bububu Reply

    Better than nothing, no worries, guys! and thanks again for your hard work. 😀

  13. Marcus Reply

    C’mon guys, just be honest – this chapter was delayed because of serious nosebleed, no?

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