1. Dropout 88 Reply

    Really appreciate it! Like Felipe said I also had withdrawal signs hahah. I’m seriously hooked!! And the manga only get’s better and better!!!

  2. アルフレド Reply

    Very nice chapter! So finally Minoru is starting to wake up to reality?
    Please, don’t worry that it’s taking you more and more to get the releases out ’cause of RL concerns. Just whatever you do, don’t stop releasing! please! :(((
    I understand it’s under 100 chapters left, so were like 80% through? It would suck big time if the series was dropped… *sigh*
    I’m not very good at graphics nor I can read japanese or I’d volunteer to help this project going.
    As always, your hard work is very very appreciated.

  3. alex w Reply

    Thank you!!! this is a awesome! Minoru´s evolution.. is just out of this world… we appreciattte your hard work and effort for bringing this releases whenever they come, they will always be welcome!

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