KSKM 428 and Capeta v21 p4

Hi guys,
Yep, it’s what all you racing fans have been waiting for, a long awaited release of Capeta. I know we’d all love to get more of these, but for that to happen we really need a dedicated high quality translator for the project. There aren’t that many volumes left, and we’d love to smash it out of the park. So if you know anyone who’d be interested in the gig, please get in contact with us.
As always though, we’ve got a new release of Karate. The first of volume 43! Go check out both the chapters now!

KSKM 428: DDL Read Online
Capeta v21 p4: DDL Read Online
Capeta v21: DDL


  1. Dave Reply

    Wooooh, Capeta! Thanks, you guys! You’d think Max Verstappen would drum up some translator interest in the series. šŸ™

    And thanks for the great continued work on KSKM, too. You guys are awesome.

  2. Simpleposter Reply

    Awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to reread Capeta…gotta remember where its at.

  3. MiziTami Reply

    I thank you from my heart for Capeta! You’re our only hope! Please keep working on the project! ^^

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