Kskm 43-47

Today we have a 5 chapter release of Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru for your enjoyment, in less than 3 weeks since we brought you the complete volume 4 no less.

Before I post the links to downloads for the new chapters I would like to take a minute to mention our new donate button, we are asking for donations it’s a one off donation drive just to allow us to buy the many manga books that we need to scan for the series we work on (especially Kskm) for more details please see this post (directly below). Once we have bought and sent all of the volumes needed we will remove the donate feature. We’re not asking for donations for our hosting or what have you just for the books.

Now that’s been said here is a link to the release post with real bonafide Direct Download links (no waiting).

Download on our forums

You can also download from our irc channel: #deadbeat@irc.irchighway.net


  1. damian stefan Reply

    goddammit, if i had some money, i would donate, because, apart from the recent arc, with the brazilian guy, *BLEH* it is a good series… and it`s sad to see that people download everything available, but do not take the time to thank the scanlators… >_>

    with that being said, thank you for your work!

    • Jazzmatazz Reply

      Haha, I think a few people reatced that way about Pedro. I found it somewhat funny. Just wanted to say that your thanks are appreciated, it does make a difference if people stop and comment.

  2. Shoto Reply

    thank you very much!
    keep up the good work and make us karate people happy!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Wow! Kskm is really getting fast releases these days. Thanks for bringing this great series to internet. 🙂

  4. cpu Reply

    I hate old man/sensei became popular and tricky…
    afaik from more than 10 years read manga/manhwa/etc, many girl character (in KSKM) is well drawn (because its HQ releases?) and cute.
    gonna search manga from 馬場康誌 more,
    thanks for releases.

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