KSKM 431 and Capeta v22 p1

Good news everybody!
We’ve got a new translator for Capeta! Please welcome Nobu to the team. Hopefully with this we can get out more consistent Capeta releases in future.
Like always though, we’ve got another Karate release for you. A bit of filler to pass the time, but Karate is Karate.

KSKM 431: DDL Read Online
Capeta v22 p1 : DDL Read Online


  1. ranjan Reply

    Nobu god bless you , taking a real as fuck manga to translate, appreciate it a lot. thanks!!!!!

  2. Mridul Reply

    Thank you very much for capeta..i cnt explain how happy i am fr this..please cntinue..i have been waiting for capeta for a long time.after months it has..please continue with this amazing series…seriously.please..

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