KSKM 439 and Capeta v8p4

Hey guys,
I know it’s been a while again. Sound like a broken record, but we’ve got two chapters today for you. Capeta has been sitting around for a while forgotten, I guess waiting for a rainy day. Well, it was raining where I am today, so nows as good a time as any to give more Capeta love. We’ve got another chapter of Karate as well for you all, so go enjoy both chapters.

KSKM 439: DDL Read Online
Capeta v8 p4: DDL Read Online
Capeta v8: DDL


  1. Heavyweight Reply

    Thank you soooo much for KSKM. I love that I can enjoy this manga because of you.

  2. Mister Miyagi Reply

    You guys are still awesome! Thanks for sticking to it and keeping up with KSKM!

  3. Modi Reply

    Pls keep giving us future chapters of capeta. Totally Loving ur works. Highly appreciated

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